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Name:Richie Gecko
Birthdate:Jun 12
Location:United States of America

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Seth was always the rational one. The reasonable one, the one who kept a roof over their heads, food in their stomachs, money in their pockets, and kept them moving and free when the voices started to speak up a little too loudly. So when the cops finally caught up to them, and it was Seth who got caught, Seth who got locked up and put away, well. It wasn't much of a surprise when Richie showed up to get him out.

Free and clear once again (although more accurately "free and on the run again"), it was Seth who tracked down the get out of jail free card, the shipment of tequila and the cash that would put them across the border and make them free men once again. It was a shame it ended so terribly, considering the plan was so simple.

A bar chosen at random, happenstance that in a million other chances would have ended well enough - maybe a hangover the next morning, maybe another dead girl in a bathroom (or a car, or by the back door) but at least with a chunk of cash and minimal notice by the law - in their case ended in blood and limbs and horrors the likes of which they'd never seen before. Because this bar, the bar selected completely at random for the isolation and hours, this bar was a vampire nest in disguise, hidden behind mostly naked women and leather and alcohol.

Another chance coincidence, a past injury worsened by circumstance and short tempers, left one brother bleeding out onto the floor from a pair of holes in his neck and the other determined to seek vengeance. And seek it he did; with the help of a family of hostages they'd brought along with them, as well as a few other survivors, he managed to clear the place with barely a scratch to show for it. And then Richie rose.

The next few hours were chaos, a war between mortal and vampire with no clear victor. Friends fell, families were torn apart (both literally and figuratively). All told, only Seth and Kate made it out in one piece, but with little in common aside from a narrow win against the forces of darkness they parted ways not long after.

[Disclaimer of Doom: Richie is from From Dusk 'Till Dawn, a Robert Rodriguez movie from the mid 90's that I highly suggest those of you who haven't seen it already watch; it may not be exactly High Quality, but it's definitely great in its own right.

Richie himself is rated R because of his general horribleness; he's a convicted rapist for one, who has a tendency to kill his victims in particularly gory fashion because of perceived wrongs against him provided by his psychosis and hallucinations. No, I'm not going to play with this particular aspect significantly aside from vague references and things that have been planned out ahead of time/discussed, but it's worth noting. He's a monster in a human suit, no matter how harmless he may come across as and no matter how much he doesn't mean to be. The character swears, and throws insults around like they're nothing; if you're sensitive to this kind of thing, it would be better for you to find another muse to play with.

I claim no rights to the character, the movie, or Tarantino himself since, well. I own none of the above. I merely borrow them for my own amusement, and I promise to put them back in the box completely unharmed when I'm done.]
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